Car Audio Installation Limerick

Car Audio Installation Limerick

Limerick Hi Fi Bits is a comprehensive source for not only top quality home audio products but also a source of great car audio. We believe that for you to achieve the above goal of Great Sounding Car audio that sometimes a little advice and knowledge goes a long way, with this in mind we have a team of experienced and passionate staff to help you achieve this. From helping you choose a CD tuner, or designing a complete In-Car Entertainment system to suit you and your budget.

Let us to provide you with a bespoke installation of your choice. All installation work will be carried out by one of our trained and experienced installation team  at our premises or at a location of your choice.

And here are average prices for installations in cars up to 2006 (year of manufacture)

Head Units

Single Din - €60 (Installation only)

Double Din - €120 (installation only)

Reverse Aids

Rear camera installation - €120 (camera mounting,passing all necessary wiring to display/s,soldering etc.)

Bumper sensors €50 each

Car Audio Installation

Active Subwoofer install (Standard Sub in the Boot) - € Call for estimation

Front doors New Speakers replacement € Call for estimation  

Rear doors New Speakers replacement € Call for estimation

Prices valid up to 20km from Limerick.

Advanced Car Audio-Video Installations €50 per hour.

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